“Be safe, get out there and take that adventure, have those encounters, share those smiles!!!’’

It's interesting when you step outside of your everyday life and notice how much you have missed the tiny little treasures surrounding our daily lives, the simple things. Sharing an elevator with a stranger, sharing a good morning, and hearing a southern accent say, "Good morning, how are you?". Sharing a thrill ride with a child seeing that exciting look on their face. Hearing their tiny voice say, "Is this your first time? Are you scared? I'm so excited!". My teenagers, who are unique humans, have mentioned on multiple occasions within the last few days how much they have missed encounters with complete strangers. I agree; I have also missed those significant yet brief interactions. We meet people through our experiences our adventures. I have met many amazing people through my adventures; I am thankful for each encounter, good and bad, as each has taught me an incredible lesson, ones of which I could not understand during the moment.

Life is funny that way; we truly miss so many moments thinking we need to be somewhere else instead of the given moment. We have been, to say it mildly, a bit stuck during this time. It is not who we are; it's not how we live. We are meant to share a smile, share a good morning, share a have a good day, share a scream while riding a thrill ride, share a laugh as you get soaked together riding an entertaining water ride, we as a world are meant to interact with each other. We are meant to stop and take photos of each other, helping capture those moments in time for each other. On multiple occasions, my son has been asked, "Will you take a photo of us?"—such a simple yet, a timeless question to ask a stranger. The look on my son's face is priceless, "Yes, I would be happy too."; a moment captured, memory made. I am so thankful for my travels, thankful for my family, who continue to push me to be better. Grateful to be able to take these adventures with some of the most amazing humans in this world. I love my life, love my husband, and love my teenage children; they are genuinely fantastic humans. They have shown me just how adventurous, caring, fun, loving, attentive, compassionate, and daring they are during this adventure.

Treasures are everywhere. Be safe, get out there and take that adventure, have those encounters, share those smiles!!!

Hugs & Love Friends,  ~ Angelina