How Your Products are Made - Bookmarks


Bookmark features full-color prints brought to you from travels in the Caribbean, Gulf Coast, and more. Enjoy these little treasures as you are getting lost in your favorite book. Bookmarks come in packs of three or individual. The front features a full-color print, available in 100% Nappa Smooth or Textured Leather, Textured Faux Leather; the back comes in blue, pink, black, red, ivory color. 

How your Bookmarks are made -

Your custom bookmarks made are created by skilled craftsmen and print technicians in partnership with AMW Perspective. It starts with an AMW Perspective custom design. All AMW Perspective custom bookmarks are made to order in the UK. Once your order has been uploaded into the system, the technicians get straight to work. The printed leather is made first. Your AMW Perspective custom-designed bookmarks are digitally printed onto the leather, which is then passed onto the cutting team. The bespoke bookmarks are carefully cut from the printed leather using a large cutting press. This piece is then bonded and hand-stitched with a piece of colored leather, which was have chosen during the design process. The stitching around the edges of the bookmark adds a beautifully authentic touch. The process of creating printed bookmarks is a traditional craft, which AMW Perspective & Contrado Print House are proud to continue.

Hugs & Love Friends,

~ Angelina