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Artistic Books

AMW Perspective Photography is proud to bring you a line of Notebook and Sketchbooks to bring out the very best in your creativity. Here at AMW Perspective, we strongly believe everyone is creative in their own aspect; we hope these fine made-to-order notebooks and sketchbooks help to bring out your very best creative side. Pick up that pencil or your favorite pen and start with a simple stroke!

How your Artistic Books are made - * Notebook printing is a specialty of ours. Handmade by skilled bookmakers and craftsmen, your notebook is finished with skill and detail. Your customer AMW Perspective Designs are printed neatly around the edges onto the thick hardcover for the front and back. Once cut to size, the glossy covers are joined with 50 pieces of luxurious paper and a metal spiral binding. The finished result is beautiful. HD print of your AMW Perspective piece, where every fine line and detail is reproduced to perfection, on a lustrous cover. * Information pulled from Contrado's website.

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