How Your Products are Made - Leather Handbags & Totes

Leather Handbags & Totes

Made from 100% real Nappa leather and brought to life by skilled leatherworkers, your AMW Perspective Leather Handbags and Totes come to life with the start of a photograph and working together with the fantastic team at Contrado; bringing to life these stunning Leather Handbags and Totes.

How your leather handbags & totes are made - * AMW Perspective designs are printed directly onto your custom leather tote bags using the most up-to-date printing methods. These techniques have been developed explicitly for leather printing and ensure that the inks are bonded to the material. This makes your leather handbag or tote as strong as the leather that it is printed on. This is cut to size and shape by highly talented craftsmen before our expert seamstresses, then stitch it together using the thread of your choice. There is leather piping around the base of your custom leather tote bags. 

We use beautiful Nappa leather to make your personalized leather bags, and as with all high-end leather products, the print can lift if you scuff the leather. This is most apparent in corners and along the bottom, and we advise that you take extra care with your handmade leather tote bag to keep it looking as good as new. * Information pulled from the Contrado website.

For more information on how leather goods are made, you can visit how products are made.

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