How Your Products are Made - Unique Perspective Bowls

Unique Perspective Bowls

Collection of Unique Perspective Bowls showcasing adventures from Mixed Travel along Saint Pete Beach, Clearwater, Crystal Beach, Tampa, Florida, The Caribbean, Small Towns on 80 - Ottawa, IL, and more. 

These custom handmade artistic bowls are a wonderful addition to your home or place of business. They can be used as a piece of art or a functional fruit, dessert, candy bowl, and more to enhance your home.  Available in 8” Round, 13” Square, 14 1/2 Round, and 15 1/4” Round.

How your Unique Perspective Bowls are made - Made from smooth and hygienic stonemax resin, your custom bowl is a beautifully crafted piece. Once your order has been entered into the online interface, our print technicians use a specialist method to fuse your print into the material of the bowl. The stonemax resin is then cut, shaped, and molded into the chosen size and design. Everything is created and finished by hand in the Contrado Studios located in London. Due to our printing process which ensures a stunning full-color, permanent print, you may find that some of your design bleeds over the edges of your custom-made bowl. This will be in the same coloring as your design and gives each bowl a distinct, unique look. 

 Hugs & Love

- Angelina