Thank you - 2021

I started this journey a little over a year ago - with a nudge, a gentle yet most meaningful nudge, a moment etched forever in my heart. I say thank you to everyone who has encouraged, challenged, pushed my creativity, shown support and love, all of you who have reached out, from acknowledging AMW Perspective, visiting the website, scrolling through information, viewing the galleries, visiting the online product and print stores, thank you for placing those orders, leaving the reviews, viewing posts, watching videos on various social platforms, visiting my events, sharing a story, memory, laugh and hug, joining my lives; as I stumbled through navigating social media and pushing my boundaries. I thank you for visiting Shops Downtown Ottawa, IL - Stores that showcase the very best of what it means to have Small Town Pride - Strength, Determination and Heart; I thank you for stepping through those doors and checking out not just AMW Perspective Product all Artisans Products - we all grow together. 

I thank every charming, eclectic, adventurous, tasty, thymeless, expressive, historical, creative, artistic business that took a chance with AMW Perspective, taking a chance on me - giving me a platform to grow, thrive, and learn. I look forward to the New Year - New possibilities growing together and for personal growth and challenges, looking for new ways to reach and push through goals. 

I thank all the creative companies AMW Perspective has grown with this past year; building this Journey has led me to some of the most talented artisans in their field - from the Redwoods in California, to the island country off the northern coastline of Europe, everything in-between, I have been fortunate in launching AMW Perspective this past year in part with your support, your amazingly talented artists, I thank you for being creative, loving, kind, patient, the list goes on. I look forward to our possibilities in the year ahead.

To speak of challenges is an understatement for most of us - we choose to keep moving forward because we are resilient, we are kind at our core yet fierce with determination to know tomorrow is another day. We are not soft, yet wise to build and grow, we chose to lend a hand, give a smile with our faces as much with our eyes, we continue to wish a stranger a good day the same as we would a loved one, at the center of everything is us, we are here together.

I encourage all of us to pick up a tool, a brush, pencil, marker, any creative means of our choice make that first stroke, write the first word, get out in nature and explore, read that magazine or book; I still have plenty of both to open and get lost in - make mistakes and move on, correct your wrong, laugh at your silliness, cry at your misfortunes, encourage each other. 

We are all one here together, always moving forward - growing together one perspective at a time. I humbly thank you each and everyone one of you for all your support and love. 

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Hugs & Love, Angelina 

AMW Perspective Photography