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At AMW Perspective, we bring you something unique with our Apparel Line - our Cut & Sew T-Shirts are designed to give you a minimalistic and stylish look. We have a wide selection of vibrant colors each season, ensuring that every piece is custom-made using only the highest quality materials and by talented artisans. Let's grow together one perspective at a time and enjoy the stylish and sustainable look of our Cut & Sew T-Shirts.

How your Cut & Sew Tee | Lifestyle Recycled Fabric is made - Expert technicians print the AMW Perspective custom design onto the fabric using the most up-to-date printing techniques to bond eco-friendly inks deep into the material's fibers. This creates a long-lasting print with rich colors and fine detailing.  

Once printed, our craftsmen will cut each of the panels from the fabric, which ensures that your design is printed edge to edge without white seams. The panels are shaped based on our bespoke pattern, created by in-house designers, ensuring that your Cut & Sew T-shirts are one-of-a-kind. 

The panels are then passed onto our seamstresses, who stitch the panels together to produce your completed garment, which is checked thoroughly by our quality control department.

Sustainable | Zero-waste | One-of-a-kind

Hugs & Love, Angelina

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