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Hibiscus Love Belts feature full-color prints brought to you with hues of fuchsia and tones of warmth. An artistic way to bring a bit of Midwest Tropics with a touch of love into your daily life. The belt features a full-color print, available in 100% Nappa Smooth or Textured Leather.

How your Belts are made - AMW Perspective Belts are handmade by a team of skilled craftsmen and print technicians in London. The process starts with an AMW Perspective image, custom-designed in Ottawa, IL. Once your order has been uploaded into the system, the technicians get straight to work. Your design is printed using eco-friendly, liquid gel inks on leather. Once your AMW Perspective leather belt is printed, our craftsmen will assemble your belt, including adding the buckle. This is then passed onto quality control for thorough checking before being sent out to you. An Incredible process using stunning quality material combined with strong metal buckles, edge painting, and expert craftsmanship ensures your belt is made to last.

How your Wrap Belts are madeOur talented team of print technicians uses industry-leading techniques to print your AMW Perspective wrap belt. The ink is applied in such a way that it becomes part of the leather, and therefore won't peel or rub off. Meanwhile, our leatherworkers cut each piece to size and shape. Each piece of the personalized wrap belt is stitched together, and it's finished off with hand-painted edges that help keep the leather strong. Your wrap belt is carefully quality-checked before we send it out to you. 

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