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AMW Perspective Zip Top Handbags are handmade to order in high-quality Duchess Satin, Nappa Smooth Leather & Nappa Textured Leather. Each bag showcases hues of fuchsia and tones of warmth. An artistic way to bring a bit of Midwest Tropics with a touch of love into your daily life. Custom-designed in Ottawa, IL - Handmade to order in London.

How your Zip Top Handbag is made -  Every part of your new AMW Perspective Zip Top Handbag is handmade by us. It starts with an AMW Perspective image & creative original artwork; your unique handbag is then printed onto Duchess satin fabric or on your choice of either smooth or textured 100% real leather. These materials were chosen thanks to its superior print quality, which can be likened to a photograph. The ink is chemically bonded to the fabric, ensuring a vibrant and lasting print. This will keep your new bag looking fresh and contemporary for years, as the ink does not fade or rub off. 

The printing method we use makes your custom AMW Perspective handbag's design as strong as the leather that it is printed on. We use beautiful Nappa bovine-calf leather to make your personalized leather bags, and as with all high-end leather products, the print can lift if you scuff the leather. This is most apparent in corners and along the bottom, and we advise that you take extra care with your personalized zip-top handbag to keep it looking as good as new.

The fabric is printed, cut by hand, and then sewn together by our talented seamstresses. This method ensures each of our handbags is unique and custom-made. Your bag is finished off with a sturdy base. The studs protect the base of your bag from getting damaged when placed on different surfaces. Waterproof lining, internal pockets, and long handles made from stunning Nappa leather are the perfect final additions.

Hugs & Love, Angelina

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