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Clutch Leather Bag with Tin

Made from 100% real Nappa leather handcrafted by leatherworkers, talented seamstresses, and craftsmen, your AMW Perspective Leather Clutch Bag starts with an AMW Perspective photographic design. Working together with the fantastic team at Contrado, bringing to life these stunning bags. Available in two sizes - Small 5.57x8.27 and Large 7.48x11.02 in Nappa Smooth or Nappa Textured Leather.

How your clutch leather bag is made - Our expert printing technicians use the most up-to-date technology to permanently bond AMW Perspective design to the leather itself. This infusion method creates a permanent print that is as strong as the leather itself. Our craftsmen will then cut the leather to size and make up your high-quality zip, complete with a puller before our artisan seamstresses stitch everything together.

Hugs & Love,

- Angelina

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