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Signature Collection features products showcasing the print, Take a Peek brought to you from Saint Pete Beach, Florida. Take a Peek captured on a sunrise walk along Saint Pete Beach, Fl, as I wandered upon a Secret Garden. As I approached this garden full of enchantment, I was taken away by the dreamlike palms swaying in the salty breeze and tropical aromas filling the air. Take a Peek was captured when I peeked over the rocky edge, with turquoise colors of the Gulf against the rocky edge captivated my senses. Image captured and brought to you.

Bringing you a line of comfort for your home. Rest in comfort and dream of adventures brought to you from the shorelines of Puerto Rico, Ocean Spray off the Coastlines of Fajardo, Secret Gardens, backyard beauty, and more. Each pillow is custom designed from scratch, starting with an AMW Perspective image, custom-designed, integrated, and presented for your enjoyment. Bring these comfy pieces of art into your home for everyday use and enjoyment. 

Pillow Fabric - Pillows are available in Soft Velvet, Mayfair Herringbone, Archway Brushed Twill, and Cotton-Linen.

Soft Velvet - Very soft, beautiful drape. Smooth handle. Fine print details. Ideal for dresses, cushions, and upholstery. 100% polyester

Mayfair Herringbone - Distinguished herringbone weave. Soft, cotton-feel. Textured on both sides. Off-white base tone. 100% polyester

Archway Brushed Twill - Diamond twill, soft brushed face. Heavy, strong, textured. Bold vivid colors. Furnishings, cushions, crafts, etc. 100% polyester

Cotton-Linen - Linen and cotton blend. Strong with firm crisp handle. Bold, detailed print. Water absorbent, used for furnishings, garments. 95% cotton 5% linen Pigment Inks

Wadding Material  - You have a choice of two filling options, depending on the texture you're after or your personal preference. Choose from real duck feather or an equally soft and plump poly wadding. We fill our custom-made pillows with soft, cushy, and plump pads, filled with your choice of real duck feathers, or, for those with a feather allergy, a gorgeous polyester version, which does not compromise in the slightest on quality, comfort, or style. Currently AMW Perspective offers Plump Poly Wadding.

How your pillows are madeYour unique AMW Perspective Pillows are printed onto the velvet fabric using dye-sublimation, fusing the inks deep into the fibers for a lasting print. Your custom pillow cushion is stitched by our expert seamstresses, where a square zip closure to ensure an excellent finish is attached for a unique finishing touch. 

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