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An island full of wonder, love, and resilience. I was a teenager when I first set eyes and fell in love with this island treasure. I briefly remember the amazement I felt walking through the San Juan airport and strolling the streets of Old San Juan; full of awe and wonder. As years passed, growth and life set in, and I dreamed of someday returning. During my college years, I met an incredible young woman; we built a life-long lasting friendship. This beautiful human is from Hatillo, Puerto Rico. I knew the first time I heard her laughter, we would be friends forever. The love for her island and family exudes from every aspect of her life. Puerto Rican People bring a sense of pride, joy, and passion for life in every moment of daily life. I invite you to enjoy Puerto Rico through my eyes, as I have come to love this island, its culture, and its amazing people.

I share my moments in time from one of my favorite places. Each product starts with an AMW Perspective Image custom-designed in Ottawa, IL - Handmade to order by talented artisans in the UK.

Pillow Fabric - Pillows are available in Soft Velvet, Mayfair Herringbone, Archway Brushed Twill, and Cotton-Linen.

Soft Velvet - Very soft, beautiful drape. Smooth handle. Fine print details. Ideal for dresses, cushions, and upholstery. 100% polyester

Mayfair Herringbone - Distinguished herringbone weave. Soft, cotton-feel. Textured on both sides. Off-white base tone. 100% polyester

Archway Brushed Twill - Diamond twill, soft brushed face. Heavy, strong, textured. Bold vivid colors. Furnishings, cushions, crafts, etc. 100% polyester

Cotton-Linen - Linen and cotton blend. Strong with firm crisp handle. Bold, detailed print. Water absorbent, used for furnishings, garments. 95% cotton 5% linen Pigment Inks

Wadding Material  - You have a choice of two filling options, depending on the texture you're after or your personal preference. Choose from real duck feather or an equally soft and plump poly wadding. We fill our custom-made pillows with soft, cushy, and plump pads, filled with your choice of real duck feathers, or, for those with a feather allergy, a gorgeous polyester version, which does not compromise in the slightest on quality, comfort, or style. Currently AMW Perspective offers Plump Poly Wadding.

How your pillows are made -Your unique AMW Perspective Pillows are printed onto the velvet fabric using dye-sublimation, fusing the inks deep into the fibers for a lasting print. Your custom pillow cushion is stitched by our expert seamstresses, where a square zip closure to ensure an excellent finish is attached for a unique finishing touch.

Hugs & Love,  Angelina

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