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Tote - Canvas

Your Canvas Tote is brought to life from adventures along the coastlines of Florida, Puerto Rico, Small Towns on 80, and many other stunning locations. Each bag is custom designed and features an inspirational quote to help enhance your perspective. These adventurous bags are custom handmade to withstand the natural elements, salty sea air, tropical breezes, occasional rain showers, walks along the beach, even a stroll through your favorite environment, or used as a school or work tote.

How your Canvas Tote is made - Your AMW Perspective Design is printed onto our strong but soft canvas fabric. We print deep into the fibers of the fabric, effectively fusing the ink with the textile. This creates a stunning, permanent print, which you will love. The fabrics and materials we use are designed to withstand the elements, so sun, sand, and surf won't affect the look or quality of your bag. When your AMW Perspective design is printed onto the canvas, it is hand-stitched with patent vinyl to create a sturdy and stylish tote. It is flexible and strong and can be packed with everything you need for your day or even overnight. The long leather handles are one of our favorite features. They are comfortable to wear over your shoulder and long enough to allow the bag to hang down by your side. 

Hugs & Love, Angelina

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