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Small Towns on 80 - Ottawa, IL 

Small Towns on 80 - Featuring Ottawa, IL - Full of plant life, architectural details, and history. A stroll downtown Ottawa on any given day can fill your day with joy and creativity. Ottawa is rich with history and full of growth, from its historical sites full of insight to its growing shopping district and fine dining. You will find art galleries & shops, delightful clothing & home decor boutiques, tasty wineries & breweries, long-standing traditional supper clubs, beautiful parks, two rivers, and festivals throughout the year. During the holiday season, you can enjoy Christmas favorites playing throughout the downtown, spring brings q unique blend of throwback music. Summer brings live music filling the streets. Small Towns on 80- Ottawa, IL collection features unique products showcasing different perspectives brought to life by some of the finest artisans in their industry.

Come visit Ottawa Friends - It is a delightful weekend getaway.

Hugs & Love, Angelina

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