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Zip Top Handbags - Puerto Rico

An island full of wonder, love, and resilience. I was a teenager when I first set eyes and fell in love with this island treasure. I briefly remember the amazement I felt walking through the San Juan airport and strolling the streets of Old San Juan; full of awe and wonder. As years passed, growth and life set in, I dreamed of someday returning. During my college years, I met an incredible young woman; we built a life-long lasting friendship. This beautiful human is from Hatillo, Puerto Rico. I knew the first time I heard her laughter, we would be friends forever. The love for her island and family exudes from every aspect of her life. Puerto Rican People bring a sense of pride, joy, and passion for life in every moment in daily life. I invite you to enjoy Puerto Rico through my eyes, as I have come to love this island, its culture, and its amazing people.

How your Zip Top Handbags are made - * Every part of your new AMW Perspective Zip Top Handbag is handmade by us. It starts with an AMW Perspective image & creative original artwork; your unique handbag is then printed onto Duchess satin fabric or on your choice of either smooth or textured 100% real leather. These materials were chosen thanks to its superior print quality, which can be likened to a photograph. The ink is chemically bonded to the fabric, ensuring a vibrant and lasting print. This will keep your new bag looking fresh and contemporary for years, as the ink does not fade or rub off. *Information pulled from Contrado's website.

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