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Zip Top Pouch

Made from Neoprene Fabric and brought to life by talented seamstresses and craftsmen in the UK. AMW Perspective Zip Top Pouches start with an AMW Perspective image and are handmade to order by talented artisans in London.

How your Pouch is made - Our trained technicians first print your AMW Perspective design onto the spongy neoprene fabric, using modern deep infusion printing methods. This penetrates eco-friendly inks deep into the material fibers, resulting in a permanent bond, which gives an HD, fade-resistant print. Craftsmen then cut your fabric to the correct size and shape before passing the customized zipper pouch to our talented seamstresses, who stitch it all together and finish it with the zip trim of your choice and a silver-colored zip.

Hugs & Love, Angelina

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