A Gentle Nudge started an adventure to follow a dream. It is an honor and privilege to introduce AMW Perspective - launched in February of 2021, a Photography and Design Small Business featuring a One-of-a-kind Print and Product Collections illuminating creative elements and unique perspectives from Cityscapes to Landscapes & Things in Between. 

At AMW Perspective, we strive to highlight stunning yet simplistic natural elements around us at any given moment through a photographic eye and creative design skills. Mother Nature is unique and alluring in every aspect she presents; how we perceive her beauty is our perspective. AMW Perspective curates its print and product collections with each changing season. Seasonal color palettes showcase hues of nature, growth, inspiration, and adventure. AMW Perspective Print & Product Collections feature stunning hues, abstract art, and original images through a blended creative process - Growing together one perspective at a time. 

Owner | Photographer | Designer - Ottawa, IL Artist, Angelina White, has captured moments in time through her adventures for the past several years. Originally a portrait photographer and graphic designer, Angelina blended her photography and design skills with her experiences creating AMW Perspective Studios, LLC.

AMW Perspective, a subsidiary of AMW Perspective Studios, LLC, features one-of-a-kind Print and Product Collections featuring creative elements and unique perspectives from Cityscapes to Landscapes & Things in Between.

The AMW Perspective Website and Print Store launched in May 2021, the Product Line launched in June 2021, the Online Product Store launched in July 2021, and the Print to Product concept launched in October 2022 - Growing together one perspective at a time.

Hugs & Love, AMW Perspective