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Where your Products come from…

AMW Perspective Photography has partnered with Contrado ~ Bags of Love to print, produce and deliver the home decor & gift product line. All items are made from scratch by hand with the utmost care and quality. Like every company that I have chosen to work with, Contrado ~ Bags of Love was carefully selected to be part of the AMW Perspective Photography journey.

AMW Perspective Product Store is currently Open with a Soft Launch

Hugs & Tidbits of love, ~Angelina


Made with Love.

AMW Perspective Products are made by hand in the UK and Shipped via Fed Ex directly to your home.

AMW Perspective offers high-quality, custom handmade products with exceptional delivery.


Contrado ~ Bags of Love Sustainability

AMW Perspective & Contrado ~ Bags of Love Share the Same Vision!

AMW Perspective Photography is proud to work with a company that cares to make a difference and has high standards of care. Contrado ~ Bags of Love wants to reduce landfills through responsible end-to-end production and increase consciousness of sustainability & eco-friendliness of our customers.

*Please visit Product Shipping & Production page for detailed information on how Products are made and shipped.