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Add a unique and special touch to any outfit with an AMW Perspective Zip Top Handbag. These bags offer unparalleled quality with Monroe Satin Fabric handmade in London and uniquely designed in Ottawa, IL. Show off one of these beautiful designs in the latest vibrant seasonal colors and experience the dynamic combination of tropical love and midwest warmth.

How your Zip Top Handbag is made - AMW Perspective Zip Top Handbags are handmade by talented artisans. The process starts with an AMW Perspective image & creative original artwork; your unique handbag is then printed onto Monroe Satin. This material was chosen thanks to its superior print quality, which can be likened to the design. The ink is chemically bonded to the fabric, ensuring a vibrant and lasting print. This will keep your new bag looking fresh and contemporary for years, as the ink does not fade or rub off.  Your bag is finished off with a sturdy base. The studs protect the base of your bag from getting damaged when placed on different surfaces. The perfect final additions are waterproof lining, internal pockets, and long handles made from stunning Nappa leather.

Custom-designed in Ottawa, IL | Handmade in London, UK

Sustainable | Zero-waste | One-of-a-kind

Hugs & Love, Angelina

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  • Zip Top | Hibiscus Love Wave | Color-blocking
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